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Bonbon Ourson - Sour - HHC - 25MG - 6x
Gummies - Mix - Jelly Mania - Halal
Gummies - Teeth - Jelly Mania - Halal
Cravingz - Marshmallow - Goût : Chocolat
Cravingz - Marshmallow - Goût : Coco
Chips - Lay's - Hot & Sour Braised Chiken
Chips - Lay's - Spiced Braised Beef
Chips - Lay's - Spicy Hot Pot
Chips - Lay's - Hot And Spicy Braised Duck
Tisane de Chanvre - 100% Bio - 40 gr Kromood
Pure Extract CBD - THCP Lollipops 5mg/PcPure Extract CBD - THCP Lollipops 5mg/Pc
Gummies Mix THCP - KroMood - 50 MG (10pc x 5mg)Gummies Mix THCP - KroMood - 50 MG (10pc x 5mg)
Gummies Mix THCP - KroMood - 25 MG (10pc x 2.5mg)Gummies Mix THCP - KroMood - 25 MG (10pc x 2.5mg)
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KroMood - H4CBD Gummies - 10pc - 500mgKroMood - H4CBD Gummies - 10pc - 500mg
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KroMood Gummies: Enjoy Serenity with CBN & Melatonin - 10pc, 500 mg
Organic Hemp Herbal Tea - Mate Citrus - 40g - Kromood
Organic Hemp Herbal Tea - Nice Dream - 40g - Kromood
Organic Herbal Tea From Elves with Hemp - 40g - Kromood
Organic Chai Rooibos Herbal Tea with Hemp - 40g - Kromood
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Euphoria - 5x Gummies HHC - 25MG/pcEuphoria - 5x Gummies HHC - 25MG/pc
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Euphoria - 3x Gummies HHC - Super Strength - 40MGEuphoria - 3x Gummies HHC - Super Strength - 40MG
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Euphoria - Hashish Chips - Artisanal and Vegan - 100gr
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Euphoria - Cannabis Chips - Artisanal and Vegan - 100gr
Euphoria - Protein Bar - Cocoa & Hazelnuts - 50gr


Every one of us wants to indulge ourselves from time to time. The variety of products in our offer proves that snacking doesn't have to be unhealthy. Hemp candy, chewing gum, roasted hemp seeds in various flavors, tasty snacks prepared in a minute, candy bars, tasty hemp seed chocolates and many other delights will not only satisfy you, but also fill your taste buds to the brim. edge. Enjoy unique cannabis sweets and confections in our online store and don't forget to share them with your friends. They will be grateful.

CBD Tea: A perfect form of relaxation! CBD hemp teas quickly gained loyal fans due to their unique taste and positive effect on the human body. According to some studies, they positively affect the work of the heart, lower cholesterol, contribute to efficient digestion and good quality sleep. They are not psychoactive and therefore suitable for all ages. Cannabis is brewed like a standard tea in hot water or used as a regular spice in cooking.

These products are prohibited for minors.

Do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.