PAX 2 Vaporizer

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At PAX, our goal is to provide the most flavorful and satisfying experience with the PAX 2 portable vaporizer.

Heating by conduction reveals all the aromas of your products such as dried herbs. Our smart technology releases all the active elements and flavors of your favorite ingredients.

This vaporizer is compact , so you can easily store it in your pocket. Its sleek design makes it a discreet accessory that won't attract attention.
Its vaporization chamber heats evenly to consistently produce smooth, flavor-rich vapor. Choose your ideal heating temperature from four presets. Sensory sensitivity technology coupled with an accelerometer , analyzes your vaping so you never waste the consumed product .

This vaporizer couldn't be easier to use. A single control button and LEDs to indicate the different states of the vaporizer. Vaping has never been easier !

The PAX 2 is equipped with a reliable and efficient lithium ion battery which makes it the most efficient vaporizer on the market.


The revolutionary PAX 2 is finally available in Europe! Combining power, ease of use and high technology in a super elongated design, the Pax 2 is a real game-changer. It's not only 10% lighter and 25% smaller than the first PAX, it also has a more powerful battery that allows it to be used up to 30% more and a warmer element efficient. The PAX 2 also includes motion and lip technology, providing a flawless and effortless vaping experience.

Attention : the latest versions of the PAX 2 do not contain a bottle of cleaning alcohol, as shown in the product video.

Top quality materials

The PAX 2 is made of only premium materials for the best vaping. The brushed anodized aluminum body provides a durable and luxurious feel. The vapor duct is made from medical grade components. All plastic components are food grade and heat resistant.

The heating element of the PAX 2 is made of Kapton heater flex film, which creates conduction when the button is pressed to trigger the heating.

Four temperature settings

The PAX 2 has four different temperatures, ranging from 182°C (360F) to 215°C (420F). The LED with the iconic PAX logo indicates the temperature setting by colors.

Internal accelerometer

An internal accelerometer ( motion sensor ) detects movement to put the PAX into sleep mode when not in use to conserve battery and chamber contents. It is also used to check the battery level: simply shake the vaporizer and the LED will indicate the battery status.

Quick warm-up

The PAX 2 heats up in under a minute . Green means it's ready, simple and intuitive.

Little maintenance

Maintenance is extremely simple and takes less than a minute: simply remove the mouthpiece and heating element cover and use one of the included brushes with some ISO alcohol to clean the air duct. air.

LE PAX 2 comes with two mouthpieces, one flat and the other longer. They are made of solid silicone (medical grade), and require no maintenance.

Battery life and charging

A full battery charge will provide approximately two hours (approximately 7-9 sessions) of use before needing to be recharged.

Charging the PAX 2 vaporizer (using the magnetic charger that works with a USB port) takes about two hours. It is recommended to keep the battery charged and recharge it often before it runs out.

Original PAX 2

We only offer original and authentic products at Dr. Kush. The same goes for the PAX 2.

By purchasing the PAX 2 from Dr. Kush, you are guaranteed to receive an original unit with a full warranty .

In the box

  • PAX 2 portable vaporizer (latest version)

  • Charging cable

  • Maintenance kit kit (1 brush, 10 pipe cleaners)

  • Standard and elevated mouthpiece

  • Standard chamber lid