Kush Vape Pen 40% CBD - OG Kush

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40% (200mg) CBD - 0% THC
1 mg per puff - PG/VG: 70/30

The KUSH Vape CBD OG Kush vape pen is an all-natural, ready-to-use disposable vaporizer made with hemp-based CBD isolate and terpenes from the CBD OG Kush flower.


Find in this high-end KUSH Vape CBD OG Kush disposable vaporizer, a very herbaceous and lemony taste with a peppery finish, from the OG Kush hybrid CBD flower.

With a capacity of 0.5 ml, the KUSH Vape CBD OG Kush vape pen is made from non-GMO hemp to which terpenes are added (the compounds naturally present in cannabis that give it flavor and smell). and other cannabinoids so you get a more flavorful and natural high.

Each Kush CBD Vape Pen can deliver between 100 and 200 “puffs” in total, depending on the size of the puffs.