'Slim' Activated Carbon Filters by actiTube - 7mm - 50 pieces

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Discover a whole new smoking experience with 'Slim' activated carbon filters by actiTube, available at Dr. Kush, your favorite destination for quality CBD products. Designed for health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts, these innovative filters provide a smoother, cleaner way to enjoy your joint or cigarette.

Made in Germany by actiTube, these filters are the result of cutting-edge engineering aimed at reducing tar build-up while preserving the authentic flavor of your favorite herb. Featuring ceramic caps on either side, each inhale will leave you feeling cool and pleasant, elevating your smoking experience to new heights of pleasure.

The plant-based activated carbon used in these filters is known for its effective filtration properties, trapping toxins and harmful substances found in smoke, for healthier and safer inhalation.

At Dr. Kush, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality CBD products, and these activated carbon filters are no exception. Join us in our quest for a more enjoyable and responsible smoking experience.

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 27mm
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Material: Activated carbon of plant origin
  • Made in Germany

The 'Slim' activated carbon filters by actiTube are much more than a simple accessory for smokers. By incorporating advanced filtration technology, these filters transcend the traditional smoking experience by offering a smarter, healthier approach. Unlike conventional paper or cotton filters, these filters exploit the properties of plant-based activated carbon to effectively capture toxins and impurities present in smoke.

Thanks to their careful design, these filters guarantee a smoother and fresher inhalation, while preserving the natural flavor of your favorite cannabis. The ceramic caps on each side add a touch of refinement to the whole, creating a truly enjoyable smoking experience.

At Dr. Kush, we pride ourselves on offering CBD products that combine quality and innovation, and these 'Slim' activated carbon filters are a perfect example. With their ability to improve not only your smoking comfort, but also your well-being, these filters are an essential addition to any smoking session.

Explore a new way to enjoy your cannabis with 'Slim' activated carbon filters by actiTube, available now from Dr. Kush.