Marie-Jeanne - E-Liquid CBD - Supreme OG - 100mg - 10ml

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The CBD Supreme OG E-Liquid from the Marie-Jeanne brand is a superior quality product offering a unique and delicious taste experience. With a concentration equivalent to 100mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, this E-Liquid offers a smooth and relaxing experience.

The E-Liquid CBD Supreme OG is a perfect alliance of natural hemp terpenes. This mix of natural terpenes out of the ordinary offers a particular flavor, dry and delicious. Like eating a cookie fresh from the oven, the taste is increased tenfold and offers a memorable taste experience.

This E-Liquid CBD Supreme OG from Marie-Jeanne is easy to use and can be vaporized with any vaporizer or electronic cigarette. It is ideal for everyday use, to help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote restful sleep.

In summary, Marie-Jeanne's E-Liquid CBD Supreme OG is a superior product offering a unique and delicious taste experience. With a particular, dry and delicious flavor, this E-Liquid is ideal for lovers of special flavors looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD while enjoying a pleasant and subtle flavor.

Manufacturer : MarieJeanne® made in France

Type of product : E-Liquid CBD refill for Noïd.Lab or any type of refill vaporizer

Triggering : By inhalation

Capacity of the e-liquid : 10 ml E-liquid CBD

The box contains: 1 x MarieJeanne E-Liquid CBD

Storage: Store product contents in a dark, cool, dry place, out of reach of children and pets.