Ashtray and slim sheets with filters - Monkey King

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Sale price€10,00

Slims Ashtray and Leaves Set with Filters - Monkey King

Immerse yourself in a stylish and convenient smoking experience with the Monkey King Slim Ashtray and Leaf Set with Filters. This set includes 32 rolling papers and 32 filters, all presented in a matching ashtray with a unique design inspired by the legendary Monkey King.

The slim foils are perfect for those who prefer a slimmer, sleek cigarette, while the filters provide additional filtration for a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience. Each leaf and filter is carefully manufactured to ensure even combustion and effective filtration of impurities.

The matching ashtray completes the set in style, providing a convenient place to store your leaves and filters while adding a touch of charm to your smoking space. Whether you are a Monkey King lover or simply looking for a practical and aesthetic set, the Monkey King set is a perfect choice.

Add a touch of adventure and sophistication to your smoking sessions with the Monkey King Slim Ashtray and Leaf Set with Filters. Discover this exceptional set now and get ready to ride in style.

Features :

  • Ashtray and slim leaf set with filters.
  • Design inspired by the Monkey King.
  • Includes 32 rolling papers and 32 filters.
  • Presented in a matching ashtray.
  • Ideal for a convenient and elegant smoking experience.