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The Pure Extract CBD Kush Note CBD cartridge (refill for dab pen) is characterized by its powerful aromas and character. The vaporizer allows you to fully benefit from the many virtues of CBD. The CBD contained in a Dab Pen cartridge is very relaxing, offers feelings of well-being and a reduction in fatigue. However, CBD cartridges do not contain THC. Which makes them a completely legal substance.

The advantages of the Dab Pen vape

Vapes have many benefits. The Dab Pen is very practical. Being shaped like a pen, it is easy to handle. It is rechargeable with its USB-C port with its integrated battery. So you can take it anywhere if you want. She is also very discreet. You won't even need to wait for the Pen to heat up. It is ready for use at any time. This avoids delaying your pleasure. Likewise, CBD does not take time to act, its effect is immediate. Inhalation causes the molecule to be easily assimilated by the body. This is what justifies the speed of its effects.

The Dab Pen, unlike cigarettes, does not present any danger to health. The smoke produced by the vaporizer being vaporized instead of being burned has no impact on health. Its use is a great way for former smokers to gradually quit smoking. Its smell is quite pleasant to smell. In addition, CBD cartridges contain a diversity of flavors to meet everyone's desires. It's up to you to choose the aroma you want according to your desires.

The oil (Full Spectrum) contained in the Dab Pen generally has several therapeutic qualities. It mainly helps fight fatigue, stress or depression. It fights against insomnia and fights bad mood. It is also a very good painkiller. Vaping CBD offers relaxing effects and whets the appetite.

Composition and use

The CBD Kush Note Dab Pen cartridge is composed of 0.5 ml of 60% Full Spectrum CBD based on CBD distillate (250-300 puffs). As well as terpenes naturally present in Kush Note. So that’s 300 mg refill. This cartridge contains all the elements contained in CBD. The latter is a pure cannabis extract which does not contain THC and which is isolated from the other components of the plant. This is why it acts effectively with effects that are noticed very quickly.

To use the CBD Kush Note Dab Pen cartridge, you must use a suitable Dab Pen. You will then connect the cartridge to the accessory in order to vape.

This is a refill for Dab Pen (Battery):

We would like to inform you that this refill is intended for use with a vape, also known as a Dab Pen (battery) type 510 thread. We would like to emphasize the importance of having a suitable device before using this recharge. If you do not yet have a vape suitable for this product, you can obtain the CCEL and Pure Extract CBD brands directly from our online store.

It is important to note that using an inappropriate device may result in damage to the charging or device, as well as health risks. We encourage you not to take unnecessary risks and to purchase a quality device compatible with this recharge.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of products to meet your needs and invite you to discover the different models we have in stock. We hope you enjoy the vaping experience with our premium product.

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