Drink - Carbonated - Refreshing - Qdol - Taste: Lychee

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Product presentation

Discover the Qdol soft drink, an explosion of freshness and flavors in every sip. Carefully crafted, this drink offers a unique taste experience thanks to its delicious taste of lychee, an exotic fruit appreciated for its subtle sweetness and delicate floral aromas. Perfect for quenching your thirst at any time of the day, the Qdol soft drink is distinguished by its light effervescence and refreshing profile.

Product Details

  • Brand : Qdol

  • Product Type : Soft drink

  • Taste : Litchi

  • Volume : 330ml

  • Ingredients : Carbonated water, sugar, natural lychee flavors, citric acid (acidity regulator), preservatives.

  • Origin : Japan

  • Packaging : Practical and easy to transport can

Benefits and Features

  • Unique Taste : Lychee provides a sweet and exotic flavor, ideal for those looking to think outside the box of classic soft drinks.

  • Refreshing : The light effervescence of this drink gives you an immediate feeling of freshness.

  • Premium Quality : Designed by Qdol, a brand renowned for its innovative and high quality drinks.

  • Versatile : Ideal to accompany your meals, your moments of relaxation or for a thirst-quenching break at any time of the day.

Where to find this product

You can get the Qdol soft drink with lychee flavor from Dr Kush , a distributor known for its quality products. Visit one of their stores or their website to discover this refreshing drink and many other exclusive products.

Savor the Qdol lychee soft drink and let yourself be transported by its exquisite aromas and incomparable freshness. Perfect for all occasions, this drink will quickly become your essential ally to quench your thirst with pleasure