The benefits of HHC oil

Les bienfaits de l’huile de HHC

To relax and relieve pain, people use several products. Among the latter, we note the presence of HHC oil. There are several benefits that this oil offers to consumers. So what are its benefits? Consult the article below to discover them.

 What is HHC oil? 

Before listing the benefits of this oil, it is important to tell you what HHC is. Indeed, HHC is a product that is naturally contained in cannabis. However, it is available in small quantities. So, it is obtained by synthesis. More concretely, HHC is obtained by hydrogenation of CBD at Dr. Kush. Then, the HHC oil is obtained following a mixture of a conventional oil base and the HHC distillate. Consuming HHC oil therefore refers to consuming the HHC molecule. It exists on the market in different concentrations. Notably in 20%, 10% and 5% HHC. It is possible to find it in a ten milliliter bottle which contains approximately two hundred (200) drops.

It should be noted that there are many actions to take to make it. First of all, it is important to know that HHC oil is mainly composed of cannabinoids. These originate from hemp plants. Then, the operations leading to the extraction of the HHC are all carried out in an appropriate laboratory. This allows the use of two techniques, namely hydrogenation and filtration.


What is HHC oil made of?


HHC oil is one of the forms in which cannabis users consume the plant's products. It is known for the help it brings to man and for its numerous constituents. As a reminder, this oil exists on the market in different concentrations. Each HHC oil contains a certain amount of HHC. The higher the HHC percentage, the higher the HHC concentration of this oil. The constituents usually found in HHC oil are few in number. Dr. Kush offers you pure HHC oils that contain only organic HHC.

HHC oil also contains terpenes that give it different tastes. Terpenes are components naturally present in the CBD plant and which provide different tastes to different cannabis products.


What are the benefits of HHC oil


HHC oil brings many benefits to its consumers. The benefits it brings are those of HHC. Thus, it helps fight against pain and inflammation. HHC oil can relieve certain inflammation and pain from cancer, chronic pain and muscle pain to name a few.

HHC oil is also an excellent remedy for insomnia. It is common knowledge that insomnia can be the cause of certain discomforts. To avoid this, HHC oil helps improve men's sleep. By consuming this oil, he will be able to sleep easily at night. For you who have difficulty falling asleep, start consuming HHC oil especially in the evening before going to bed.

Furthermore, it should be noted that HHC can cause hallucinations. So, you have to know how to choose your dose. Starting with a low dose when starting to consume CBD oil is a good initiative.

Other benefits


Apart from improving sleep and relieving pain, HHC oil offers many other benefits to consumers. First, it allows them to relax and unwind. It is an excellent way to relieve tension. If you want to let go for a while then you can choose to consume this oil. Its consumption allows the muscles to relax, which completely eliminates pressure.

Additionally, HHC oil is a better solution to reduce stress and anxiety. It is effective in providing a feeling of well-being. This allows you to feel psychologically and physically more comfortable. One of its main roles is therefore to allow the evacuation of anxiety and stress. Finally, by opting to consume this oil, you are sure to have iron health at all times.


How to consume HHC oil?


There are several ways to use HHC oil. Before using it, it is recommended to shake the bottle containing this oil vigorously. This has the advantage of mixing all the substances found there. You can use it by sliding it directly under your tongue for about a minute. This is consumption by sublingual absorption.

The second way to use it is to add a few drops of this oil to food. It could be a cube of sugar or even a slice of bread. It is therefore up to you to choose the way you like. You can consume it when you are looking for relaxation or during festive moments. To preserve it, you must place it away from light, humidity and heat. If you have opened it, it is best to put it in a refrigerator.


Where to go to get HHC oil in Brussels?


To obtain HHC oil in Brussels, several possibilities are available to you. You can go to a CBD sales store. To do this, Dr. Kush offers to provide you with its physical CBD shops in the major areas of Brussels. You can go there and buy your best quality and organic HHC oils. You will benefit from a warm welcome and will have support to make your various purchases.

In addition, Dr. Kush offers you an online CBD store where you can purchase HHC oil. All you have to do is visit your colleague, choose your oil and the number of bottles you want. The payment process is secure. You don't worry about payment information leaks. After ordering your product, you will receive it within 24 hours if you live in Belgium, Luxembourg, France or the Netherlands.

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