How to consume H4CBD?

Comment consommer le H4CBD ?

The cannabis leaf contains several active compounds, including cannabidiol or CBD. The latter is gaining more interest in the field of health and well-being due to its many therapeutic virtues. H4CBD is a synthetic form of cannabidiol. It was created with the aim of improving the bioavailability and stability of the original compound. Having recently appeared on the market, it raises many questions from consumers. In this article, all the ways of consuming H4CBD will be presented to you. You will also learn the differences between this molecule and CBD.

What is H4CBD?

H4CBD is the scientific name given to a molecule contained in CBD. The CBD in the name stands for cannabidiol, the H stands for hydrogen and the 4 is the number of hydrogen atoms contained in this body. So, H4CBD is a CBD molecule to which four hydrogen atoms have been added. This process makes it possible to modify the molecular structure of CBD to boost its virtues and improve its performance.

H4CBD is also called hexahydrocannabidiol or hydrogenated CBD. It was created in the early 1940s in a laboratory. It should be noted that this cannabinoid is not entirely artificial. It is obtained by hydrogenation, a common process in the food industry.

What makes H4CBD and CBD different?

H4CBD has DNA very close to that of CBD. It should be remembered that H4CBD is extracted from CBD which itself is extracted from the hemp leaf. These two substances therefore have properties in common. These include improved sleep, reduced anxiety, anti-inflammatory effects and relief from osteoarthritis. However, there are differences between these two molecules.

The main point of divergence between CBD and hydrogenated CBD is their intensity. Indeed, H4CBD is reputed to be more powerful than its original molecule. It causes a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, both mental and physical. The intensity of H4CBD is due to the strong affinity it has with CB1 receptors in the nervous system. It is in fact on the CB1 receptors that cannabinoids bind to produce the feeling of well-being.

In what form should H4CBD be consumed?

Like other cannabinoids, H4CBD can be consumed in several forms. It generally comes in four forms namely H4CBD flowers, H4CBD oils, H4CBD oils and H4CBD vapes.

H4CBD Flowers

H4CBD exists naturally in the form of flowers. These can be used to prepare herbal teas and infusions. They can also be smoked however, it is illegal to smoke cannabis flower. Since H4CBD is a partially synthesized cannabinoid, it is possible to ask the question of how to obtain a flower rich in H4CBD.

There is a very simple technique to achieve this. You must infuse the molecule with bioethanol. To do this, you need to mix bioethanol with hydrogenated CBD isolate. The bioethanol will evaporate over time to leave the H4CBD completely fused to the flower.

It is also possible to infuse the H4CBD flower in water. It is also the best solution to access all the virtues of this cannabinoid. But in this case, you must avoid adding any fatty substance into the mixture at all costs. Indeed, H4CBD is a lipophilic molecule. A grace material would allow it to be synthesized by the body. Half of this molecule would thus risk being destroyed.

H4CBD resins

H4CBD resins are generally used for inhalation and vaporization. They can also be added to culinary preparations. If you are a resin lover, you will certainly be satisfied with H4CBD Hashes. There are some that are foamy, fatter, etc. A multitude of H4CBD products are available on the market. It should be remembered that in general, resins offer a higher level of H4CBD than flowers.

Resins are very popular with THC users who want to quit. These people need powerful effects that H4CBD resin can offer.

H4CBD Vapes

An H4CBD vape is the ideal solution if you want to quit smoking. It is a cartridge screwed onto a rechargeable battery via a USB plug-in. This cartridge contains vegetable propylene glycol. It also contains H4CBD, the level of which varies depending on the manufacturer, and finally a food flavoring.

It is the battery of the vape which is responsible for heating and transforming the liquid into vapor which the user inhales. It has great resistance. It should be noted that vaporization does not alter the composition of the cannabinoid. This option is therefore not responsible for any losses. It has the advantage of helping smokers to quit.

H4CBD oils

Hydrogenated CBD oils are concentrated solutions of H4CBD contained in a vegetable oil carrier. Most of the time, they are consumed sublingually. In other words, H4CBD oils are consumed by applying a few drops under the tongue.

H4CBD oils have the advantage of directly penetrating the body via the sublingual glands. There are several types of H4CBD oils, you can choose between Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, flavored oils, etc. Hydrogenated CBD percentages differ depending on the product.

Choosing an H4CBD oil must take into account three main criteria. This concerns the weight of the individual, the level of H4CBD, and the desired effect.

H4CBD: where to buy it?

The best way to obtain H4CBD is to contact specialized online stores. This powerful cannabinoid is also available in coffee shops. Appearing very recently on the French market, it is not yet widespread throughout the country. However, it continues to become more popular across all cities.

It is advisable to pay attention to the origin of the H4CBD products you purchase. Products must be traceable to ensure that they are manufactured under optimal conditions. Only purchase products that have undergone testing and analysis.

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