How to choose an H4CBD oil?

Comment choisir une huile de H4CBD ?

H4CBD oils are generally more successful among all products linked to this molecule. They are in fact very easy to adopt into a well-being routine. However, since there is no single product, it is important to select the one that normally suits you when consuming. Find out how to go about making a wise choice of H4CBD oil.

Take into account the extraction method

To ideally choose your H4CBD oil, start by finding out about its extraction method. This is an important factor since it indicates the concentration level in a product. You actually need to know the dosage precisely in order to be able to make a perfect adaptation when consuming.

The type of extraction actually influences the quality of the product. As an illustration, when it is carried out with a solvent, it involves more terpene loss compared to other methods. However, it should be noted that there are nuances between solvent extractions. With alcohol, filtration is rather optimal (no residue at the end of the process) unlike dimethylether (DHO) or butane. As for supercritical CO2 extractions, they leave no harmful residue. Consequently, when the operation is not carried out with a solvent, it offers an advantage in terms of purity of the finished product.

Additionally, don't forget to consider carrier vegetable oil. With H4CBD, it can be hemp, coconut or olive oil. It should be noted that each of them offers specific advantages. For example, the properties of hemp oil are numerous. It is beneficial for the skin, improves sleep quality, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Favor a suitable concentration and dosage

Being interested in the various concentrations is also important when you want to choose your H4CBD oil. They vary from 3% to 30%. But the most popular is 10%. Indeed, the concentration is used to have a specific idea of ​​the dosage. This refers to the amount of H4CBD in each dose. In the case of the oil of this molecule, we rather speak of drop. For example, for a 10 ml H4CBD oil, you can obtain the following concentrations:

  • dosage at 3%: 300 mg of H4CBD or 1.5 g per drop;
  • dosage at 5%: you will have 500 mg of H4CBD in 10 ml. This then amounts to 50 mg per ml. Since 20 drops are equivalent to one milliliter, each of them therefore contains 2.5 mg of H4CBD;
  • 10% dosage: 1000 mg of H4CBD (5 g per drop);
  • concentration of H4CBD at 20%: 2000 mg of molecule or 10 mg per drop.

Based on this, you should determine the dosage that seems most suitable for you. In other words, ask yourself how many milligrams you need to achieve the desired effects. This is a very important point, because each person is unique and has their own endocannabinoid system.

This suggests that there is no dosage rule that applies to everyone. It is also crucial to follow the recommendation of start low, go slow. This consists of starting at the minimum dosage then gradually increasing until the desired effect is achieved.

Focus on organic and local production

When you want to select your H4CBD oil, always try to favor organic production, that is to say a product made from organic hemp. Indeed, organic hemp farming is both beneficial for the environment in terms of preserving the quality of water, soil, biodiversity and air. In other words, it contributes to the well-being of the consumer. It is an option that commits against the use of pesticides, additives, GMOs or synthetic products.

In addition, it is important to opt for local culture. The advantage here is that it allows you to restrict the intermediaries between the hemp grower and the consumer. You will thus obtain your product at a fair price with more transparency on the conditions of production and extraction.

In reality, with H4CBD oils imported from abroad, you have virtually no idea about compliance. They are often poorly labeled and sometimes contain traces of harmful elements such as heavy metals. These products may also have an actual level of THC that exceeds the legal limit in your country. In the European Union, for example, this rate must strictly be below 0.2%. The risks to which you expose yourself by obtaining this merchandise abroad are enormous. For example, customs may seize your orders. In some cases, you may get into legal trouble.

Furthermore, it is also possible that imported H4CBD oils are under-dosed compared to what is advertised. Here, there is no legal risk, but less efficiency. You will therefore waste money and time. So, always try to check the dosage even if it is a local product.

Choose a suitable method of administration

For this last point, several options are available to you: sublingual route; capsules, etc.

In the first case, you will be able to directly feel the action of H4CBD oil. Simply keep the drops of oil under your tongue for at least two minutes before swallowing. This allows the mucous membranes to ideally absorb the substance.

With the capsule option, you will feel the effect of the product after 60 minutes. This time allows your stomach to digest the substance. You also have the possibility of using H4CBD oil in the kitchen to prepare dishes. However, always try to be vigilant about dosages.

In summary, note that there are laboratories that help analyze the quality of H4CBD oil. They have the ability to detect the presence of solvent residues, heavy metals, mold toxins which are harmful to the consumer. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to opt exclusively for products offering access to certificates of analysis. This allows you to benefit from some transparency.

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