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Cendrier en Verre Crystal - RAW
Cendrier Rainbow  Glass- RAW
Cendrier Rainbow Glass- RAW Sale price€30,00
Cendrier en Verre - RAW
Cendrier en Verre - RAW Sale price€20,00
Cendrier Pyramide
Cendrier Pyramide Sale price€40,00
Cendrier Gorille
Cendrier Gorille Sale price€40,00
Cendrier de poche - RAW
Cendrier de poche - RAW Sale price€2,50
Euphoria Puff THC-JD Jetable - Watermelon Punch - 2ML - 600 bouffées
Euphoria Puff THC-JD Jetable - Purple Haze - 2ML - 600 bouffées
Euphoria Puff THC-PO Jetable - New York Diesel - 2ML - 600 bouffées
Euphoria Puff THC-PO Jetable - Grapp OG - 2ML - 600 bouffées
Euphoria Puff THC-JD Jetable - Apple OG - 2ML - 600 bouffées
Cartouche THCP -  Sweet Watermelon - 1ML - 600 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Cartouche THCP - Juicy Blueberry - 1ML - 600 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Cartouche THCP - Gelato 41 - 1ML - 600 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Inlube Gel Intime Cookies  Nuei Cosmetics - 100ML -
Inlube Nube Marshmallow & Aloe Vera Gel Lubrifiant 100ML - Nuei
Gel Intime CBD 400mg - Cannadom - 50ML
Lubrifiant pour le Bien-Être - 50ML - Cannaline
Puff THCP 2G - Tangie - Live Resin - 2 ML - 1300 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Puff THCP 2G - Tutti Frutti - 2 ML - 1300 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Puff THCP 2G - Amnesia - 2 ML - 1300 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Puff THCP 2G - Soul Diesel - 2 ML - 1300 Bouffée - KROMOOD
Huile Chauffante Mara Silvestre  18+ Nuei Cosmetics
Huile Chauffante au Coco de Nuei Cosmetics  18+ 100 ML


Why choose Dr. Kush?

Dr. Kush is a family business involved in the sale of various CBD and HHC products in Belgium. Our company specializes in this area and has physical stores and an online store. For your purchases of different CBD-based products, you can therefore opt for an online or in-store order. So why choose Dr. Kush?

The availability of several CBD/HHC products and accessories

There are many reasons why you may choose to purchase CBD products from Dr. Kush. Let's go back to the beginning to note that CBD products bring many benefits to the organism of man and that of animals. It can be purchased in several forms depending on the needs of the consumer and his consumption preference.

Dr. Kush offers many CBD products to consumers. You can find CBD flowers there. Just like other CBD products, CBD flowers have many virtues. They help to fight against stress, facilitate sleep, etc.

Apart from CBD flowers sold by Belgian CBD company Dr. Kush, you can also find CBD/HHC oils. It is possible to consume CBD in the form of oil. If you opt for this form of CBD, then Dr. Kush offers you to buy it in its physical stores or its CBD Shop. The oils sold are of high quality and contain various doses of CBD. You can therefore choose your oils according to the doses.

There are other forms in which you can find CBD. These include capsule or capsule form, cosmetic form, etc. Dr. Kush offers you all the forms in which you can find CBD.

To smoke or prepare CBD, you must use certain accessories. These include vapes, electronic cigarettes, etc. Dr. Kush offers you these accessories. You will therefore have the advantage of buying your CBD products available in several forms at Dr. Kush. In addition to this, you will also have the possibility to buy your accessories without having to change the store. So you have everything in one place.

Quality products offered by Dr. Kush

In everything, you have to look for quality. It often takes precedence over quantity. To provide you with quality services, Dr. Kush emphasizes the quality of the products it offers. To do this, the company works with the best producers who use an organic production technique, respecting the environment.

The products sold by Dr. Kush are therefore natural, of good quality and environmentally friendly. At Dr. Kush, we believe you can find a solution to some of your health issues with CBD. However, we also know that CBD/HHC products must be of good quality in order to really have an effect. So we set to work to analyze the products we offer to ensure that they are of high quality and that they can really meet the needs of consumers.

A physical presence and an online presence

We thought of making it easier for any CBD consumer. Thus, we have decided to offer you physical shops in Belgium and an online CBD Shop. Therefore, consumers who are present in Belgium can opt to purchase their CBD products in our physical stores.

The products and service offered in our physical stores in Belgium are of high quality. You receive a warm welcome when you visit our physical stores and you have the opportunity to choose from many products available. Our professional salespeople are warm, welcoming and courteous. They will pay particular attention to your needs and will take care of your satisfaction.

In addition, people who are outside Belgium or inside the country and who nevertheless wish to make purchases online can do so without any problem. We thought of them and put our CBD Shop at their disposal for their happiness. The products that you will find in the physical stores of Dr.Kush are also present on the online stores.

Navigation is smooth and simple on the Dr. Kush CBD Shop. You will find the products classified by category. The time it takes you to find your product is relatively short. Dr. Kush therefore combines everything that consumers need for their fulfillment.

A trusted wholesaler for professionals

Dr. Kush offers services to both individuals and professionals. Individuals can buy their products directly from the CBD Shop Brussels or at physical points of sale. In addition, professionals who resell CBD can also find their happiness with Dr. Kush.

Dr. Kush can supply premium quality CBD in large quantities to reselling individuals. We have drop-off points in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. We deliver the products to you when needed.

Fast delivery

Dr. Kush offers products of its own brand. These are carefully selected. You can therefore take advantage of our selection to satisfy your needs. Our customer service is responsive and responds to your requests every day of the week without exception. Consumer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

As far as the deliveries of the products for people who choose to buy from the CBD Shop online are concerned, we do it very quickly. Indeed, you can receive your products within 24 hours if you order from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Since we have warehouses in these different countries, the delivery is therefore accelerated.

To get an idea of ​​the different CBD/HHC products we offer, you can go directly to our physical stores to find out. On the other hand, to make it easier for you, you can go to our online CBD Shop and visit our catalog to get an idea of ​​what it is. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if necessary.