Vaporizer: dried herb, e-liquid and concentrated CBD what is the difference?

Vaporisateur : à herbe séchées, d’e-liquide et de cbd concentrés quelle est la différence ?

To consume CBD, it is possible to go through several methods. Vaporization is one of them. It is possible to vaporize concentrate or dry herbs. These vaporization methods use different devices. Find out more information in this text.

Vaporizing dry herbs: what to know?

Vaporizing dry herbs is a convenient and effective method for consuming cannabis products. This is a healthier method than traditional combustion because it does not produce as many chemicals associated with e-cigarettes.

Vaporization involves heating the herb until it releases its essence contained in cannabinoids providing a relaxing state. With this method, there is no need to burn the cannabis or decompose it into toxic smoke like with traditional combustion. Even if the technique seems close to combustion, this is not the case. Vaporization allows the constituents of the plant to be preserved.

Indeed, it is in the flower that the essential components of the plant are found. Using vaporization to consume CBD allows you to benefit from all the benefits of the substances contained in the plant. As indicated above, to be vaporized, CBD flower does not require numerous transformations as is the case with concentrate.

Vaporizing dry herb in our case consists of grinding the herb finely using a suitable tool such as the grinder. Then you can put the broya into the spray bowl. You need to choose the best accessory or device that allows you to vaporize your dry herb. It should be noted that vaporizers often come with temperature control features that allow you to vape in style and at the right temperature.

Dry CBD flower is the most common. It is the best known to people who use CBD and to those who want to start consuming the substance. Since it is more widespread, new consumers, without much experience, often get into vaporization this way. It is important for them to know the different varieties of weed and the different boiling points before starting vaping.

Dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers allow you to benefit from the effects of the cannabis plant without going through combustion. With the device, you benefit from all the effects of the plant's components without any of them being missing.

Reasons to opt for dry herb vaporization

Vaporizing dry herbs is simple. It is the closest thing to combustion even if the processes are not the same. There are several reasons why you may opt to vape CBD.

Indeed, with vaporization, you know what you are consuming; which is not the case with tobacco or vaping with e-liquids. With vaping, you simply grind the herb. There are no added substances.

Furthermore, combustion allows you to better preserve the aromas. Since the herb does not undergo any processing, all the substances are still present. You therefore benefit from their effect at all. The entourage effect is also present in this case. It is in fact the combined action of all the cannabinoids contained in the CBD herb.

Vaporization of concentrates

Vaporizing concentrates is the vaporization of cannabis plant extracts. These extracts are highly modified through the refinement procedure which results in a higher concentration of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. CBD concentrates come in different forms. They can come in the form of wax, oils, isolates, etc.

There is a concentrate manufacturing process. It begins with extraction in which the oils are separated from the plant material of the plant. Then, several processes are used to obtain a highly concentrated final substance with a specific compound, namely CBD. Since the concentration is high, a small amount of the product can have big effects.

Concentrate vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers allow you to vaporize CBD in its concentrated form. There are several models of concentrate vaporizers. Unlike the dry herb vaporizer, the concentrate vaporizer does not take weed, but rather oil. There is also a difference in the shape of the two accessories.

Difference Between Dry Herb Vaporizer and Concentrate Vaporizer

There are many criteria on which we can base ourselves to make a comparison of the two vaporization methods. Power is the first criterion that we consider. Indeed, when we talk about vaporization, we take power into account. In this case, when it comes to potency, concentrate vaping wins over dry herb vaping.

Furthermore, purity is a second criterion that can be considered. So, when it comes to the purity of substances, it should be noted that concentrate is purer than dry herb. As indicated above, the concentrate is obtained through a long refining process which eliminates unwanted elements and produces a precise compound.

If we have to talk in terms of tastes and aromas, dry herbs are preferable to concentrate. In fact, dry herbs are consumed without chemical processing or any other processes. Thus, they maintain all the natural aromas of the plant, which is not the case with concentrate.

Herbal Vaporizer and Concentrate Vaporizer: The Differences

There are differences between vaping dry herb and vaping concentrates. Along the same lines, there are also differences between the vaporizers used.

The first difference is in the oven. In the dry herb vaporizer, the heating chamber resembles a small oven. Furthermore, with concentrate vaporizers, powerful coils are used.

In terms of temperature, dry herb vaporizers use lower heat settings while concentrate vaporizers use high temperatures.

The process of heating herbs requires a lot of energy, so herbal vaporizers need high-capacity batteries, which is not a requirement for concentrate vaporizers. E-liquid vaporizers have similarities to concentrate vaporizers.

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