What are the best H4CBD products?

Quels sont les meilleurs produits H4CBD ?

In recent years, the cannabinoid market has been dominated by CBD, THC, CBG, HHC, etc. Recently H4CBD, hydrogenated cannabidiol, appeared and is enjoying great success with consumers. As its name suggests, this active compound is obtained by hydrogenation of CBD. It causes more powerful effects than its original molecule. Several therapeutic virtues are also attributed to this cannabinoid. It would be a good treatment for sleep disorders, pain, anxiety, etc. Here is a selection of the best H4CBD products available on the market.

H4CBD flowers

H4CBD flowers are the most requested products by consumers. These are cannabis flowers vaporized with a solution that contains hydrogenated CBD. The effects of H4CBD flowers are the same as those of cannabidiol, except that they are more intense. Thanks to its high affinity with cannabinoid receptors, H4CBD causes powerful relaxation effects. Hydrogenation makes it possible to increase the properties of CBD tenfold without causing euphoric effects or any loss of mind and self-control.

The flavors of H4CBD flowers are as pronounced as the flavors of other legal cannabis flowers. It should be remembered that to be legal in France, a cannabis product must contain less than 0.003% THC. The latter is considered a psychotropic drug. Here are some of the best H4CBD flowers available in the market:

  • Blueberry H4CBD from CBD Purple which contains 26% cannabidiol;
  • Royal Gorilla H4CBD from Stormrock High with 29% CBD;
  • the Supper Sour Diesel H4CBD 32% from Okiweed with 32% CBD;
  • Jack Frost H4CBD from CBD Purple with a rate of 29% CBD;
  • Small Buds H4CBD from Okiweed which contains 19% CBD;
  • WHITE WIDOW’s H4CBD flower.

All these H4CBD flowers comply with H4CBD legislation in France. They are available on specialized sales sites, in dedicated boutiques and coffee shops.

H4CBD resins

Resin is an unconditional product highly appreciated by consumers for its effects and pronounced flavors. H4CBD hash is very recent on the legal cannabis market in France. Despite this, it has managed to find a place of choice in the eyes of consumers of cannabidiol resin. Like H4CBD flowers, H4CBD resins offer more powerful virtues and effects than traditional CBD. They are known for their effectiveness in the treatment of various ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression and even sleep disorders.

H4CBD hash owes its properties to the hydrogenation process used to make it. This is a very technical process that requires advanced knowledge and specialized equipment. The result is a product with a high concentration of CBD. Here are some examples of the best H4CBD resins available in the legal cannabinoid market:

  • Orange CREAM H4CBD resin with a concentration of 30% CBD;
  • H4CBD resin — Gelato with 30% cannabidiol;
  • the Black Mamba H4CBD from CBD Purple with a level of 56% CBD;
  • California H4CBD Resin from Okiweed with 44% CBD;
  • Pollen Pollen H4CBD from Okiweed with 56% CBD.

There are several types of H4CBD resins as for classic hash. You have the choice between light, dark, oily and pollen resin.

H4CBD oils

H4CBD oil is the most concentrated and purest form of this cannabinoid. They offer a considerable number of advantages. They are an excellent treatment to reduce stress, relieve pain, relax, and promote sleep. The effects of H4CBD oil may differ from one individual to another. It is advisable to consume low doses to start. You can then adjust the dosage according to your needs.

Cannabis oils are generally consumed sublingually. The user pours a few drops under their tongue and lets it pass for a moment before swallowing. The product thus takes time to be absorbed. Instructions may vary depending on H4CBD oil. For each product, you must follow its manufacturer's recommendations in order to obtain good results.

Several factors must be taken into account when choosing an H4CBD oil. These include, among other things, the H4CBD concentration and the type of spectrum. Personal preferences should also be taken into consideration. Here is a selection of H4CBD oils that are very popular with consumers:

  • KLEANER Anti-toxin Spray from Smoking Club Marbella;
  • H4CBD Organic Hemp Oil;
  • H4CBD Red Fruit Oil.

Many other H4CBD oils are available on the market and offer powerful relaxing effects.

H4CBD vapes

An H4CBD vape means a single-use electronic cigarette, an H4CBD oil cartridge or a vape pen. Vaporization is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis today. It has the advantage of offering easy dosage and rapid absorption. This mode of consumption is ideal for quickly relieving pain, anxiety and inflammation. Once H4CBD vapor is inhaled, the cannabinoid is directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs.

Here are some examples of H4CBD vapes:

  • the H4CBD Deli Hemp vape;
  • the Pure Extract CBD H4CBD vape Pen;
  • etc.

The H4CBD Puff is highly appreciated by consumers. It is available on all H4CBD sales sites and in all dedicated stores.

H4CBD moon rocks

H4CBD moonrocks are the products to buy if you are not satisfied with the potency of H4CBD flowers. They contain many more cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids than resins and flowers. Moon rocks also have very pronounced flavors.

What is H4CBD?

H4CBD is a cannabidiol molecule to which four hydrogen atoms have been added. This process is called hydrogenation. It is widely used in the food industry. H4CBD is therefore a variant of cannabidiol, hence the name hydrogenated CBD. Thanks to hydrogenation, it has a more stable chemical structure than that of its original molecule. It has the same virtues as CBD except that they are more intense.

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