What are the regulations for H4CBD?

Quelle est la réglementation du H4CBD ?

Today, hexahydrocannabinol (H4CBD) is becoming more and more popular. It represents a perfect alternative to THC and is attracting interest from several companies and consumers. However, to benefit ideally from this substance, it is important to find out about the legislation and regulations in force. Read on for more information on this subject.

The law on H4CBD

H4CBD legislation remains a recurring question. Today, it is difficult to know precisely whether the marketing and consumption of this molecule derived from cannabis plants is possible in France or in the European Union. But remember that H4CBD is generally authorized. However, the laws relating to it differ from one nation to another.

In the European Union, marketing is authorized, but the THC contained in the product must be less than 0.2%. Also called tetrahydrocannabidiol, THC represents the psychoactive molecule of the hemp plant. If your product exceeds the limits imposed, it is automatically perceived as illegal.

Furthermore, there are countries that accept higher limits. For example in Luxembourg or Italy, the THC level can exceed 0.2%. Among Italians, this is even set at 0.5%. In Switzerland, the sale of H4CBD products with a rate of 1% is authorized.

The legality of H4CBD in France

On French territory, the sale of H4CBD is possible. However, it should be noted that the legislation is correspondingly vague around this molecule. Indeed, for a long time, the sale, purchase and consumption of H4CBD products was done almost clandestinely. The article of the public health code (law R.5132-86) which governs them still remains difficult to understand.

This problem has also had many consequences. Indeed, several entrepreneurs have had to deal with the justice system and law enforcement since they have embarked on the marketing of products using this molecule. They were accused of selling narcotics.

The different risks of consuming illegal H4CBD

According to article L3421-14 of the public health code, you risk one year in prison and a fine of 3,750 euros when you consume an H4CBD product with a THC level greater than 0.2%. The consequences are even more tragic when you are at fault for an accident. In fact, the THC limit set for saliva is 1ng/ml. In the event of an infraction, the penalty is 24 months' imprisonment and a fine of 4,500 euros.

Businesses that offer non-compliant products may be subject to the closure of their establishment. Additionally, note that penalties depend on the severity of the offense and may even include confiscation of proceeds.

How to go about consuming exclusively legal products?

It is entirely possible to ensure the legality of your products. To achieve this, simply choose reputable H4CBD resellers or wholesalers. They must also be recognized for the quality of the products and services they offer. Also, always try to pay particular attention to the origin of H4CBD oils, flowers, etc. as you will have noticed, there are countries that authorize the sale of cannabis-derived products with THC contents within the range of 0.5 to 1%.

For example, when you opt for a Swiss or Italian product on French territory, you expose yourself to legal action. It is for this reason in particular that checking the origin of your H4CBD is necessary. If there is any uncertainty regarding the information, do not hesitate to request certificates of production analysis. These will attest to the legality of the product you are preparing to consume.

The export and import of H4CBD is also permitted. It is simply necessary that the products comply with the regulations that are in force. So, always try to check this compliance before any import or export.

The future of H4CBD legislation

Legislation as well as regulations based on H4CBD are constantly evolving according to scientific advances and country experience. In the coming years, French laws could adapt to even better regulate the use of this molecule. As for traders and consumers, they must be constantly informed of legislative and regulatory developments in order to benefit from the substance legally.

What are the effects of a standard-compliant H4CBD?

H4CBD is a substance whose effects are more intense than those of cannabidiol. Even with your product containing less than 0.2% THC, you can achieve a more potent result than CBD. Here are the main benefits of H4CBD.

Relaxation of the body

If you are looking for a way to relax, H4CBD is perfect for you. Indeed, this substance interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The latter can lead to muscle relaxation. After a long day, this substance can help you deeply relax.

Reduction of pain

Hydrogenated cannabidiol has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. It therefore represents an excellent alternative to combat physical ailments. Of course, it is not a medicine, but it serves to support your well-being. However, always try to consult the advice of a health expert. Furthermore, you can use it to calm invasive thoughts.

Stimulating creativity

Consumption of H4CBD could stimulate neuroatypical thinking. The latter notably involves fruitful reflection. Therefore, with its action, the molecule allows you to be more creative and promotes an inventive way of thinking.

Promote sleep

As mentioned above, H4CBD actively participates in the relaxation of the body. As a result, it is also able to make falling asleep easier. It is, therefore, a solution intended in particular for insomniacs.

Mood stabilization

If you have a restless mind, H4CBD is the remedy for you. It could be that this substance allows you to have confidence in yourself. After consumption, you will feel a new euphoria. In fact, it helps stabilize your mood.

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