H4CBD: how is it different from HHC?

Le H4CBD : en quoi est-il différent du HHC ?

The cannabinoid market is booming. New synthetic and natural cannabinoids appear every year. After CBD, CBD and HHC, it is H4CBD’s turn to gain popularity. Just like CBD and unlike THC and HHC, this synthetic cannabinoid has no psychotropic effect. Still unknown to the majority of cannabinoid consumers, H4CBD is often compared to other active compounds extracted from cannabis. Find out all the differences between H4CBD and HHC here.

H4CBD: what is it?

Also called tetrahydrocannabidiol or hydrogenated CBD, H4CBD is a synthetic form of CBD. The latter is a molecule extracted from the cannabis plant, well known for its numerous therapeutic virtues. H4CBD is produced in the laboratory by a process called hydrogenation. It involves modifying the molecular structure of CBD by adding hydrogen atoms.

Like its original molecule, H4CBD possesses several medicinal properties. It is said to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. This molecule would also have a better affinity with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system than CBD. This gives it greater therapeutic virtues. However¸ it should be noted that due to the recent appearance of H4CBD on the cannabinoid market, its real effects have not yet been studied in depth.

What is HHC?

HHC, hexahydrocannabidiol, is also a cannabinoid obtained by hydrogenation. It is the hydrogenated form of the THC molecule which is the main active compound contained in cannabis. Discovered in 1940, this molecule has only recently been the subject of study. Its effects would not be very different from those of its original molecule, THC, however they are less intense.

HHC may have therapeutic benefits such as reducing inflammation, pain and nausea. It would cause a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and creativity. This cannabinoid does not have the side effects of THC such as paranoia or anxiety.

H4CBD vs HHC: what are the advantages of H4CBD?

H4CBD and HHC are very similar in their psychoactive effects; however, hydrogenated CBD appears to have several advantages. It is the ideal choice to enjoy the useful effects of cannabis without feeling its psychotropic effects. Here are the main benefits of this active compound:

Great therapeutic potential

H4CBD shares several medicinal properties with its original molecule (CBD), THC and of course HHC. Among its many benefits are reducing anxiety, relieving pain and regulating the immune system. Tetrahydrocannabidiol is also an excellent treatment for sleep disorders and inflammation.

Less psychoactive effects

H4CBD is said to be non-psychoactive. It is not responsible for the same sensations as HHC. Indeed, there is a slight difference between the molecular structure of tetrahydrocannabidiol and that of HHC or THC. Its interaction with receptors of the endocannabinoid system also differs from that of HHC. H4CBD can thus provide the same benefits as HHC without the disorienting or high effects.

Better tolerance

Due to its less pronounced psychoactive effects, tetrahydrocannabidiol is better tolerated than HHC. Consumers also report that it has fewer side effects such as paranoia, drowsiness or difficulty concentrating. H4CBD is therefore the ideal choice for people who prefer to avoid the psychotropic effects and unpleasant sensations of cannabis.

Onset and duration of effects

H4CBD, like all other cannabinoids, has effects of varying duration depending on several factors such as the integrated dose, the method of consumption, the metabolism of the consumer and the tolerance he has developed. The appearance of the effects is also subject to these different factors.

However, the effects of tetrahydrocannabidiol appear in less time and last less long than those of HHC. Thanks to its molecular structure, it allows it to pass the blood-brain barrier more quickly to reach targeted receptors. Also, the effects of H4CBD wear off more quickly due to its shorter half-life than that of hexahydrocannabidiol.

Differences between H4CBD and HHC

Both hydrogenated cannabinoids, H4CBD and HHC are different in their effects, their chemical structure and of course their origin. Indeed, HHC is derived from THC while H4CBD is obtained from the hydrogenation of CBD. When it comes to molecular structure, HHC has six hydrogen atoms in addition to THC. H4CBD is composed of CBD and four hydrogen atoms.

H4CBD is more resistant to light and heat than CBD. It owes this ability to its chemical structure which is more stable than that of its original molecule. The chemical structure of HHC is also more stable than that of THC. However, it is less resistant to oxidation. H4CBD has a high affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors. HHC also has a high affinity with CB1 receptors, but it is less compatible with CB2 receptors.

H4CBD has similar effects to CBD. It has soothing effects for muscle pain and anti-inflammatory effects. HHC causes creative, relaxing and euphoric effects like THC.

Despite their many differences¸, these two cannabinoids share the same consumption patterns. You will find H4CBD resins and HHC resins, vapes, oils, flowers and candies.

H4CBD: a better choice than HHC?

It is difficult to place H4CBD ahead of HHC, because the choice between these two cannabinoids depends on the needs and preferences of the consumer. H4CBD is a better choice for people who want the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. It is easier to consume due to the stability of its chemical structure and its low susceptibility to degradation. H4CBD is also easier to obtain than HHC. It is in fact legal in France, unlike HHC which is prohibited. It is only available on foreign sites.

All in all, H4CBD and HHC are two cannabinoids with very interesting characteristics and properties. HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC. It would have creative, relaxing and euphoric effects. H4CBD, for its part, is obtained by hydrogenation of CBD. It has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The choice between these two molecules depends on your preferences and needs. You must also take into account the legislation of the active compound in your region. H4CBD is legal in France unlike HHC.

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