Is it possible to carry CBD on the plane?

Est-il possible de transporter du CBD dans l’avion ?

CBD is a product that brings well-being on a daily basis. You may need it wherever you go, even on a plane. However, it is important to know if you are allowed to travel by plane with CBD. Read this article to learn more.

What to know about transporting CBD by plane in Europe


The transport of CBD by plane may be authorized or refused under several conditions. If you travel within or outside Europe, conditions change. So, regarding traveling within Europe with CBD, you have the option to do so. However, your CBD sachet must be well packaged and stored. You must also be able to attest to the legality of the product you are transporting.


Possession of CBD during a plane flight is therefore not a crime in Europe. However, the problem may arise at the security passage. It should be noted that security walks around airports with dogs. The latter are responsible for detecting drugs. They can easily cause you to pass through security since a dog does not differentiate between hemp containing THC or not.

To avoid wasting time at security, it is advisable to travel with a tax receipt and avoid transporting your CBD in the form of flowers or resins.

What to know about transporting CBD by plane outside of Europe?

We have already covered the aspect of transporting CBD by plane in Europe. Now let's travel to a country outside of Europe and find out what it's like. For this type of flight, it is not recommended to transport CBD regardless of the form in which it is found. It should be noted that just because CBD is legal in a country does not mean its transport by air is also legal.

Possession of hemp while traveling in some countries can be an offense punishable by heavy fines. We can take Croatia as an example, a country in which possessing cannabis, whether THC or CBD, is punishable. You face a prison sentence of 3 to 15 years.

With the different legislation regarding the transport of CBD outside of Europe, it is best not to travel with this product. You will have more problems than you think. So avoid putting yourself in cumbersome situations that risk ruining your vacation abroad.

What are the benefits of having CBD on the plane?

Having CBD on the plane can have many benefits. We don't all behave the same way when we take a plane. Some people are stressed, others cannot sleep while some sleep peacefully. CBD can therefore help in these conditions.

Allowing you to fall asleep during the journey

Traveling by plane can be time-consuming when you're moving from one distant country to another. To avoid feeling the effect of fatigue and getting bored if you have nothing to do, it is better to sleep. However, not everyone can sleep on the plane. So, carrying CBD can help promote sleep. By carrying your product on the plane, you can consume it, which will make it easier to fall asleep.

Fight against anxiety attacks

People's manifestations or behaviors vary when they are on the plane. Some people feel anxious when they find themselves in this means of air travel. So, it must be remedied before it causes other problems. To do this, carrying CBD on the plane is the solution. You can consume it and overcome your anxiety attacks.

Fight against stress

Stress is something that shows up on some people when they travel by plane. This can be caused by airsickness, the fear of being in a vacuum. As you know, staying stressed for long periods of time is not good for your health. So, using CBD on the plane can help you overcome stress and have a better flight time.

The pain

Air travel takes place while seated. When the journey becomes long, you may develop aches and pains. When you also have other pain unrelated to the plane and which occurs at certain times, this needs to be addressed. To do this, using CBD during the flight allows you to relieve yourself and have a flight.

What are the conditions under which CBD can be transported by plane in Europe?

To travel legally in Europe with CBD, you must take certain steps. They allow you to avoid checks and wasted time.

The tax receipt certificate

You can travel to Europe with CBD. However, you must put yourself in the best conditions so as not to be reprimanded. So, get a certificate that indicates the origin of your product. Without these documents, authorities will have difficulty identifying the components of the product and knowing whether it is legal or not. By not having this document, you may lose time or even miss your flight. Maintain your product as purchased so that all evidence is still present.

Find out about local legislation

Before you think about flying CBD from one country to another, you need to do your own research. Direct these searches towards the legislation regarding the transport of CBD in the country of departure and the country of destination. This way, you will be informed about the transport of this type of product.

Furthermore, you must carefully choose the format in which you wish to transport your CBD products. If you choose to transport CBD oil for example, there are often rules related to the quantity of oil in the jar. They must therefore be respected in this case. If it is another format, also find out about its transport methods in order to always comply with the rules.

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