10 Disposable Vapes - Aroma King Puff - VIP Pack - Energy Drink - Nicotine Free (0%) - 700 puffs

10 Disposable Vapes - Aroma King Puff - VIP Pack - Energy Drink - Nicotine Free (0%) - 700 puffs

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Aroma King disposable electronic cigarettes also known as chicha electronic are very appreciated by users of puff disposable without nicotine, we offer you a special Energy Drink pack which contains 10 puffs thanks to this pack enjoy quality. The classic e-cigarette, the pods nicotine-free electronics ( 0% ) disposables are gradually revolutionizing the world of vaping.

The idea is simple, thanks to the e-liquid directly incorporated into a vape material, you have nothing else to do but vape.

This disposable electronic cigarette is the ultimate argument to make smokers stop smoking.

Technically , the disposable electronic cigarette is like a classic e-cig: a battery, this one heats a resistance. This resistance then heats the e-liquid contained in a sealed tank. Receive your puff, vape for a few days and recycle your equipment, it's simple, it's effective.

The e-liquids included in these disposable electronic cigarettes are of several types.

This pack contains 10x devices.
Does not contain CBD!

Aroma King single-use pod: 700 Puffs (puffs) in an ultra-compact format containing 0% nicotine, optimal for quitting smoking!

Manufacturer : Aroma King (Poland)

Product type : Pod / Vape / Disposable E-cigarette / Electronic Shisha

Includes : 10 Aroma King disposable devices

Triggering : By inhalation

Length : 10.5cm // Diameter: about 1.5 cm // Box weight: 10x 32g = 320g

Battery capacity : 550 mAh - Not rechargeable

Pod capacity: 2ml

Nicotine level : 0%

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