CBD cartridge and CBD e-Liquid

CBD cartridges are by far the best way to enjoy cannabidiol while vaping. A CBD cartridge (called CBD cartridge in English) is a small cylindrical reservoir filled with a hemp extract, often a distillate, with a high concentration of CBD. The extract can be left as is, with the very herbaceous flavor of hemp, or flavored with ideally natural terpenes.

The CBD cartridges have a volume of 0.5 or 1 ml and can be screwed onto a battery thanks to their 510 screw pitch (510 thread) which makes them compatible with most vape pen.

What are the benefits of using a CBD cartridge?

CBD cartridges allow you to enjoy the effects of CBD in a pre-filled cartridge for discreet and effective consumption, the assimilation of CBD being done almost instantly via this method.

In comparison, CBD oils take about 10-30 minutes to take effect, and other ways to consume CBD even longer.

The second major benefit of CBD pen vapes is high bioavailability. Research suggests that vaping CBD distillate leads to absorption levels in the 60% range, far more than most other methods.

For example, CBD capsules and edibles have an absorption rate of only around 13-19%, which means that only a small portion of the CBD you take reaches the bloodstream, and therefore takes effect.

Vaping CBD is also convenient. You can easily take your vape pen with you everywhere and use it according to your needs.

Choosing the Right CBD Cartridge

5 criteria allow you to make your choice in CBD cartridges. The first is of course the quality of the product. Your luck? Being on Dr. Kush ;) We actually only work with brands capable of providing full traceability of their products (quantity of cannabinoids and terpenes, presence of heavy metals or additives, etc.) and carry out tests on our side to make sure.

The other 4 criteria are:

  • the dosage of the cartridges : usually expressed as a percentage, the dosage of your cartridge in CBD allows you to estimate the amount of CBD per puff and the general potency of the cartridge
  • taste : personal choice, so choose a taste that you like. Some terpenes will also have specific effects and will accompany the effect of CBD.
  • the price : depending on the brands, the techniques used to extract the CBD and the CBD dosage, the price of a cartridge can vary from simple to double. What normally suit all budgets!
  • the effects : each person reacts differently to CBD, the effect of a cartridge remains at the discretion of each. The rule with CBD is always the same: even if side effects are rare, always start with small doses, especially for novices, and increase gradually until you get the expected effects.

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